Streets Cred raises awareness of urban issues affecting mid-sized American cities today and the best practices used to address inequities and challenges in the built environment.

Big cities are exciting places to talk about—full of massive buildings, rapid transit, and millions of people. However, the urban issues facing New York City are often at a different scale or nature than the issues mid-sized cities deal with on an ongoing basis.

Using Richmond, Virginia as a case study, Streets Cred will explore how mid-sized American cities can build better, safer, and more equitable urban environments. And despite everything you just read, we will do our best to stay away from jargon and talk about things in a way that is relatable and understandable to encourage a broader conversation.

Who we are

Ross Catrow is a public transit advocate in Richmond, Virginia. His other bus is a bike. One summer after high school, he worked at Michaels as a stock boy—there’s something really appealing about putting everything in the exact place it’s meant to go. He was too nervous to learn how to use the cash register.

Max photo

Max Hepp-Buchanan thinks a lot about transportation and placemaking in Richmond. He also tries to actually get some stuff done between rants. His main ways of getting around town are an electric-assist cargo bike and a Brompton folding bike — a combination which basically defines him as a person.